About time I did one of these. So, here it goes.

Hey guys, most of you know me. In case you don't, I'm JJD! A lot of my friends just call me JJ for short. I really don't have a preference.
Some info about me!:
While I live in sunny California, I was actually borne in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm somewhere around 50% French, and 50% New Zealand. My favorite subject in school is computer science, which may also prove to be my future major in college. I have played musical instruments for 7 years consecutively. 2 years on cello, and currently on my 5th year of the standup bass or Double Bass in more proper terms. I played baseball for my childhood years and ended up losing interest. I still enjoy watching Baseball from time to time.

Also, become a forums supporter. It’s super cool.

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Have any other questions? Add me on steam @ steamcommunity.com/id/imjjdyo or on discord @JJD#1493
Mar 12, 2003 (Age: 20)
San Diego
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