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  1. QuirkyLarry

    DarkRP Rule Suggestions.

    Leave your rule suggestions here.
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    Well, well, well.

    Well, well, well.
  3. QuirkyLarry

    💯 Accepted 💯 King Terroriser's Staff-Application

    Accepted. You should read our staff guidelines.
  4. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ Staff Aplication

    Declined. Still failed to include their SteamID32 and didn't update their application properly.
  5. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ Spence's Staff Application

    Application Declined
  6. QuirkyLarry

    💯 Accepted 💯 tommy's Staff Application

    Accepted. Please get to know our staff guidelines.
  7. QuirkyLarry

    👋 Introduction 👋 howdy

    Welcome back daughter!
  8. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ Staff Aplication

    I would not accept this in the state that it is in, sorry, but i'll give you until Saturday to fix it.
  9. QuirkyLarry

    #Q&A Question time.

    So you are gay? HEHEHE
  10. QuirkyLarry

    👋 Introduction 👋 Hello

    Welcome back. Thank you for making and introduction.
  11. QuirkyLarry

    soon 👀

    soon 👀
  12. QuirkyLarry

    #Q&A Question time.

    how many times an hour do you eat? i've gathered some data and estimate at least 3x
  13. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ LiLDEMONSLEEPS/The Magician!'s staff application.

    Declined. Info: @LiLDEMONSLEEPS failed to improve his application.
  14. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ LiLDEMONSLEEPS/The Magician!'s staff application.

    As your application stands it is not acceptable. Please read what others have said and adjust your application accordingly. If application is not fixed by March 23rd, 2020 I will instantly decline it.
  15. QuirkyLarry

    #PollMe Where would you rather live?

    murky shit hole anyday
  16. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ Hitch's staff app

    Declined. Info: I have had many bad experiences with you in Discord. This application also seems half-assed.
  17. QuirkyLarry

    💯 Accepted 💯 tdiep's Staff Application

    I enjoyed your application, but i'd like to ask you a few questions in Discord before I decide to accept or decline you.
  18. QuirkyLarry

    ❌ Declined ❌ Obscenes staff application

    Declined Info: Previously you have been very toxic on the server and I can't accept your application until i've seen a change in that, but when the server comes up I'd like to see a change in that. If I see a change I will reverse my decision on this application. There will be no need to...