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  1. Slav Master

    Color Scheme

    This "Jesus's Return" White is really hard on my eyes.
  2. Slav Master

    Backstreets Staff Application

    +1 I like your application Seems super chill/mature
  3. Slav Master

    Art's Ex Staff-Application

    +1 From what I remember I have had no issues with you in the past Have no negative memories when you were in the community
  4. Slav Master

    Staff application for SadBeen (aka Biggie Deens)

    +1 Seems pretty cool Passionate Genuine
  5. Slav Master

    Infectedtoe31's application

    @Infectedtoe31 I would just edit your thread and copy-paste what you have down there into the main application although it isn't necessary or required. I do appreciate your willingness.
  6. Slav Master

    Infectedtoe31's application

    @Infectedtoe31 Sorry I haven't responded any sooner. I was unaware of any template changes the time of that post I made. I found out of the changes and you have followed the template correctly. That being said, I am definitely glad you took the time to add more to the application already. Sorry...
  7. Slav Master

    Infectedtoe31's application

    +1 This application makes me happy (Good application) Detailed answers Lonely What happened to the Template??
  8. Slav Master

    tommy's Staff Application

    +1 If Jake thinks well of you than I am sure you are quite a pleasant person to communicate with. Decent thought out application Template??
  9. Slav Master

    Pandas Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Relatively Mature Chill No prior issues to my knowledge Occasionally comes off as toxic What can I say except:
  10. Slav Master

    Shooter/Clexic's | Staff Application |

    +1 Good Application Very detailed and thought out Good Answers Good person The odd grammatical mistake Prior history of being mingey I like what I see here; you have put a good amount of effort into this application, bring up valid and reasonable points and overall seem very genuine...
  11. Slav Master

    The Swift Potato's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Great staff Experienced Mature Responsible Great App Tastes good deep-fried, baked, grilled,chopped, chipped, etc (don't forget the season salt ;D) Spent too much time gone :( I missed you! Kind of Dirty SPUD LOOKIN' ASS
  12. Slav Master

    Staff Application:PuffWuff

    Wow, I live really close to Kitchener. I go there from time to time. I hope you are ready for the crazy winter that is coming this year. Will be the coldest it has been in almost 50 years.
  13. Slav Master

    Staff Application:PuffWuff

    +1 Decent application Thought out answers Good reputation within the server No prior issues Minor Grammar and punctuation errors From what I hear, you seem like a mature and respectable individual. I am quite pleased with the effort you put in the application along with how you've made...
  14. Slav Master

    Dj's Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Always helped me with making server Events Was helpful and eager to learn Non-toxic If not for you, events would be boring. Welcome back. I wish you luck! Edit: Please fix your text color and format. It looks like someone took a bold green shit on the app. Ps: Use Larry's Version <3
  15. Slav Master

    Cooki3z Ex-Staff Application

    +1 Experienced Non-Toxic Decent App (Although Short) Current staff supply is low Inconsistent (As Larry mentioned) To conclude, I believe you are fit to be re-instated into the staff team although I would like to see a more consistent tenure within the community. Also, I believe that you...
  16. Slav Master

    Staff Application: DogeJonkins

    Neutral Non-toxic in behavior Active among the Discord community Good intentions Answers are decent Very minimalistic approach Lack of detail and description Supposed Advertisement of application Minor grammatical errors From my personal experiences, you seem like an okay individual...
  17. Slav Master

    Archangel's Ex-Staff Application

    +2 Ez Trial Moderator!
  18. Slav Master

    Tattrre's Staff Application

    +1 Well written Not many grammatical mistakes Active member Mature/Respectable 11/10 IGN You seem like a cool guy, so I would like to see you on our team. Good luck!
  19. Slav Master

    pepsi applications

    -1 Didn't use the full template Highly underdeveloped Please fix. ._.