📓 Community Guide 📓 Tips For Making A Good Staff Application


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Dec 30, 2017
Every week, a few people in the community will send out a Staff Application on the forums in hopes of having it get Accepted. However, there are quite a few people that receive the opposite news, which is getting Declined. To help your chances of preventing your app from looking like doodoo, here's a few helpful tips for making your application the best that it can be.

Tip #1:
Add as many details as you can in your answers. And when it asks you to give a minimum number of words to include (ex.
Please explain to us how you would handle a sit for RDM [100-word minimum]) then it is recommended that you give the minimum number, otherwise it will be just another reason for others to -1 your app.

Tip #2:
Make sure to include good grammar and spelling. This is a major thing that others look out for when reviewing your application. If you feel as if your grammar and spelling isn't as good, then a good source for that is a tool called Grammarly (thank me later).

Tip #3:
Make sure to use the correct template. While although this isn't a common error for those with bad applications, some users do not use the correct template. When that happens, usually it will turn out to be something such as
this or that. So if you want to prevent that error, then please use the correct template.

Tip #4:
Do not advertise your application to others. Doing this will result in an instant -1 and I'm pretty sure you do not want that.

Tip #5:

Respond to any feedback with positivity. It may not seem like much as first, but others that are reviewing your application will notice it, which goes a long way for when the higher-ups are deciding if your app should be accepted or not.

Tip #6:

Add a little variety to your application. Adding colors to your application is NOT REQUIRED, but rather it is RECOMMENDED. Adding such things to your app will show others that you took time and effort into making your app look nice and colorful.

Tip #7:

Have patience. One of the hardest parts when trying to get onto the staff team, is having the patience for higher-ups to decide if you should be accepted or declined. If you feel as if it is taking too long for staff to decide, remind yourself that they will eventually come to a conclusion with your app, and that they also have other things to do in their lives. Just remember to be patient, and you should be good!

Tip #8:

Make sure you have any important info with you, ready and at the go. Info such as how many warns you have, and your playtime, is very important and required in your app. For playtime, make sure that you have a good amount of playtime, otherwise people will call you out on your app for not having enough of it.

Tip #9:

Having a good attitude and reputation in the community. Showing these two things around the community also goes a long way for when the staff are rating your application. However, if your have the opposites of these things, then there's a better chance that people will mention in their rating that you don't have a good attitude and reputation with others, and that you may be immature and toxic.

Tip #10:
Being active in the community. Being active in both the DarkRP and Discord server is another big thing that both staff and users look out for while reviewing your app. As mentioned in Tip #9, it is important to have a good reputation, but to also be an active member in the community as well.

Tip #11:

When you think you've added enough, add more to the app. As mentioned before in Tip #1, add as many details as you can to your application, but also have the mindset that when you think that you've added enough to your app, try to add more to it. People that review your app usually check for how much effort and details you have put into it, and love to see all of the details and effort put into an application such as one like that.

Tip #12:
Have good format/spacing throughout your app. Some apps will have all of the questions and response piled up into one giant-like paragraph. While although this type of error usually gets fixed when apps like that are being reviewed, it’s important that you check to see if your questions and responses are spaced out nicely.

Anyways, that should be about it. I hope these tips will help you out when making your own application. If you know a friend or someone else that is having trouble with making an app of their own, feel free to share this thread with them.
Good luck!
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Dec 1, 2018
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Cmon I really really want to be staff! I think I would be good because I know all the rules and I’ve met a lot of moderators!
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