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Harvey Winestain

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Jun 25, 2018
DarkRP Rules

DarkRP Terms

RDM (Random Deathmatch):
  • Random Deathmatch occurs when you kill a player without an acceptable reason.
  • Mass Random Deathmatching is repeated RDM in a short amount of time and will lead to more severe punishment.
RP (Roleplay):
  • Roleplay is the process of taking on the role of a character and acting in a way that fulfills the expectations assigned to that role.
FailRP (Fail Roleplay):
  • Fail Roleplay occurs when you play as a character and don't follow the appropriate roleplay rules.
NLR (New Life Rule):
  • New Life Rule is applied when you die; you should pretend that you don’t remember any roleplay from your past life.
  • Metagaming is the use of information received outside of the game that your character should otherwise not be aware of.
Toxic Behavior:
  • Toxic Behavior is the difficult to describe - but easily identifiable behavior performed to negatively affect other players in an unnecessary way.

Player Privileges and Responsibilities
  1. You have the privilege of a fair, non-toxic role play experience.
  2. You have the privilege of reporting players that are violating one or more of the server rules or community guidelines to our staff team (You can do this in game by typing "@" in chat, followed by an explanation, or on the report section of the forums).
  3. You have the privilege of reporting staff members who you believe to be in violation of their responsibilities (You can do this on the report section of the forums).
  4. You have the responsibility of following server rules, staff orders, and community guidelines.
  5. You have the responsibility of not encouraging or participating in toxic behavior, or behavior that otherwise harms other players or the community as a whole.
Enforcing these responsibilities and the spirit of them will be left to the discretion of staff.

General Server Rules
  1. You may not kill without a legitimate, roleplay reason.
  2. You may not roleplay in spawn. This includes pickpocketing, running into spawn to avoid dying, etc.
  3. Please do not impersonate staff.
  4. You must listen to all staff orders. If they seem unreasonable, feel free to ask them why or report them on the forums after complying.
  5. Do not impede a staff member's ability to manage a staff sit, do not try to avoid a staff member when he/she needs you, and do not leave the server after breaking a rule.
  6. Do not disrespect players in OOC, please keep all in character conflicts in character.
  7. You may not advertise other communities, organizations, websites, etc.
  8. You may not spam (excessively use) staff reports, in-game voice chats or in-game text chats.
  9. You may not use any external software nor exploit any internal system to provide yourself an unfair advantage.
  10. You must abide by the rules in the description of the job you are playing.
  11. If your job has a leader role (ex: Mob boss, Terrorist Leader, etc.) then you must follow the directions of that leader, or switch off your job.
  12. You may not use knowledge from a previous life in a current life.
  13. You may kill anyone stealing your or your party member's things (not including props).
  14. You may kill anyone who damages you or a party member, provided you see it happen.
  15. You are free to steal anything from a player without advertising (you are KOS when doing so).
  16. Please do not abuse your job in any way (ex: Self supplying as a Gun Dealer).
  17. If you are inactive for more than 15 minutes as a non-citizen job, you will be forcibly demoted or kicked.
  18. Do not build on roads or sidewalks (Hobo jobs may build anywhere on the street and sidewalk, not blocking the road).
  19. Please do not use chain adverts, at most you can have one action on one bind (ex: raid/raid over, pd raid/raid, these are not allowed).
  20. You may not scam players. If they pay you for a service, you must provide this service or return the money.

Prop and Toolgun Rules
  1. One way props, or constructions that otherwise give an advantageous view to a base defender, are not allowed
  2. Do not prop spam.
  3. Do not prop block (purposefully blocking players or blocking rooms without a keypad).
  4. You may not have invisible props.
  5. You cannot place props in places where you do not own the door unless the base owner allows you to.
  6. All fading doors must have an accessible and easily visible keypad/button to open them.
  7. You may prop push your car if it is stuck.
  8. You may not abuse your tool gun in any way.

Base rules
  1. All props inside bases must abide by the above prop rules.
  2. You may have a maximum of 2 bases, but you must have props in them or be actively using them.
  3. Fading doors must stay open for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Keypad delays may not be set for more than 4 seconds.
  5. KOS lines are allowed and can only extend to the sidewalk in front of your base.
  6. KOS lines may not be enforced without a distinct KOS sign. KOS sign reasons must be fair.
  7. Fake or useless keypads/buttons are not allowed.
  8. Buttons may not be materialized and must be in plain sight.
  9. You may kill anyone inside your base provided it is not a shop
  10. You can block off extra entrances as long as there is one entrance to get in.
  11. You may not block off any roads or tunnels
  12. No crouch entrances or crouch tunnels
  13. You may not have a blackout or maze base
  14. You can have a maximum of five fading doors for entry to your base. This includes all fading doors between the main entrance and your printers. You may "stack" two fading doors together, but this counts as two of the five total.
  15. You may place a building sign while you are building your base to prevent players from interfering
  16. You cannot have a KOS sign and a building sign.
  17. You are not allowed to own raidable entities (such as printers) while having a building sign. (You must remove the building sign or destroy the entities.)
  18. You cannot hide in no-collided props.

Mega-Base rules
  1. As a mob boss or the anarchist leader, you can make a mega base but you must not block off tunnels leading to the main part of the downtown map. Cars must have a clear path to the downtown area.
  2. You may rent players a base inside of your mega base, however, if they lived there prior to you establishing the mega base, you must let them live there for free.
  3. Max rent/price for a player to get a base is $20,000.
  4. You make the rules to your own district.
  5. You must provide the code to the entrance of your mega base to any player who lives inside of it.
  6. Rules of your district can’t break server rules.
  7. You can’t raid or steal the property of any player that lives in your district.

Assist Rules
  1. You muse use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to assist a crime (ex: "/advert assist").​
  2. You may only assist in a crime if your job's description allows you to perform that crime.​
  3. You must abide by the cooldown of the crime you assist as if you declared the crime yourself.​

Raid Rules
  1. You must use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to raid (ex: "/advert raid"). You must do this while standing outside and in front of the building you intend to raid.
  2. You must use the /advert command to clearly show that the raid has ended (ex: "/advert over").
  3. You may only raid if your job's description allows it.
  4. If you raid a mega-base, you may raid all buildings within the boundaries of the mega-base.
  5. You must wait 5 minutes in between each raid and 10 before raiding the same base again.
  6. No one involved in a raid can edit/spawn props, use their physgun, push keyboard keys to open doors (Use Keypads/Buttons) , or change jobs during the raid.
  7. Raids can last until the initial raider is successfully killed or the raider uses the /advert command to clearly end the raid (ex: "/advert over").
  8. If you are defending your base and you die while being raided, you may return to and defend your base after 2 minutes.
  9. If you see a building sign on a base, you cannot raid it.
  10. As the raider, you may kill ANYONE who assists you if you don’t want them to help.

Kidnap Rules
  1. You must use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to kidnap (ex: "/advert kidnap").​
  2. You may only kidnap if your job's description allows it.​
  3. You may offer to ransom players for a maximum of $50,000. You are not forced to sell them to others, but you must let them purchase their freedom if they want to do so.​
  4. You may keep a player for a maximum of 15 minutes, including the time they are knocked out for.​
  5. The kidnapping cooldown is 10 minutes. You must wait to kidnap more people until after this cooldown.​
  6. You may not kidnap the same person within 20 minutes.​
  7. If you are kidnapped you must listen to whatever the kidnapper says, or it is Fail Roleplay.​
  8. You may steal all of the loot of your victim once you kidnap them.​
  9. You may execute the person you kidnap without reason.​

Mug Rules
  1. You must use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to mug (ex: "/advert mug"). You must do this while clearly standing in front of the person you intend to mug.
  2. You may only mug if your job's description allows it.
  3. When you mug someone, you must at least give them 10 seconds to drop the money you want from them.
  4. The maximum mug amount is $50,000.
  5. The cooldown for a mug is 5 minutes on different people and 10 minutes on the same person.
  6. You cannot mug someone if they are moving.
  7. You may NOT mug someone who is AFK

Counter Rules
  1. You must use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to counter a crime (ex: "/advert counter"). You do not need to /advert counter if you are countering on behalf of a party member.
  2. As PD actions are not crime, you may not counter them unless you are a party member, an anarchist or anarchist leader.
  3. Unless you are countering on behalf of a party member, you must wait at least 5 minutes in between each counter.
  4. You may only counter if your job's description allows it. However, this does not apply if you are countering on behalf of a party member.

Carjacking Rules
  1. You don’t have to advertise a carjack.
  2. You may only carjack if your job's description allows it.
  3. You may not carjack someone just to destroy their car.

Terror Rules
  1. You must use the /advert command to clearly show you intend to terror (ex: "/advert terror"). You must do this while standing outside.
  2. Only the terrorist leader may declare terror, and only terrorists can assist (after they use /advert to show they are assisting).
  3. The cooldown for terror is 15 minutes; the terrorist leader may not terror again until after this cooldown.
  4. During terror, the terrorist leader and any terrorists who are assisting may kill any non-terrorists (other than players currently building in their base with a building sign).
  5. Terror ends when the terrorist leader and any terrorists who are assisting are killed, or when the terrorist leader ends terror using the /advert command (ex: "/advert terror over").

PD Rules
  1. You must enforce all laws set by the mayor without bias.
  2. The mayor cannot fire PD members without a legitimate reason.
  3. The mayor cannot call for a lockdown without a legitimate reason.
  4. You can break the laws but you can be fired by the mayor if caught doing so.
  5. You can store/actively profit from contraband in the PD but you can be fired by the mayor if you don't have their permission to do so.
  6. You should warn for minor offenses, fine for repeated minor offenses, and arrest/fine for greater offenses at your discretion.
  7. You may only arrest players for being wanted by another PD member, or seeing them commit a crime.
  8. You may only make players wanted if you see them commit a crime.
  9. To create a search warrant, one of the following must be true:
    • You have seen a crime being committed within the building you would like to warrant.
    • You have seen a player who is wanted or has committed a crime that you have witnessed entering the building you would like to warrant.
  10. You may only unarrest prisoners that you arrested.
  11. You may not own private property, but you can build within the PD building if you provide all PD members with the code and follow the normal building rules.
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